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Five Reasons To Consider Ortho Keratology

Orthokeratology is a great way to restore your vision.  Specialized overnight contact lenses gently reshape the cornea, or front surface of the eye, and aid in restoring your vision in many cases to 20/20.

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 This procedure is also sometimes called Corneal Refractive Therapy or CRT because these specialized CRT contact lenses gently reshape the cornea and correct the way in which the cornea directs light to the retina.

This correction will restore nearsightedness, or myopia, and in some cases can also be used to correct hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism.

5 Reasons You Should Consider Ortho-K

1. Ortho-K is Non-Invasive

Orthokeratology is a great option for you if the thought of laser eye surgery makes you cringe or if you have difficulty wearing day time contact lenses due to discomfort, dry eye, allergies, or other reasons.  Because CRT contact lenses are worn overnight with relative ease and little discomfort, they are a perfect choice for many patients. 

Your doctor will order a special lens tailored to your corneal shape and prescription.  This specialized lens acts as a mold or retainer for the eye.  Your doctor will provide monitoring throughout the fitting process to ensure the best fit and health for your eyes.

Paragon CRT lenses were the first FDA approved overnight corneal reshaping lenses and provide excellent breathability for eye health. 

2. Ortho-K is a Low Risk Option with a High Success Rate

As mentioned, Ortho-K is a non-invasive option for vision correction.  Additionally, it is a relatively low risk option with an extremely high success rate.  Most patients achieve 20/20 vision and still more will reach 20/40. 

You can expect to see results in a very short period of time, though factors such as severity of myopia, exact shape of lens, tear quality, and corneal rigidity will ultimately affect the length of time it takes for vision correction to occur.  

In most cases your overnight contact lenses will need to be worn every night, however, in some cases you may be able to wear them every other night before myopia control begins to diminish.  Corneal Refractive Therapy is completely reversible by simply ceasing to wear the lenses.  

As nothing is entirely risk free, the most common problems associated with CRT lenses are similar to those with any contact lens.

  • Small risk of infection
  • Abnormal blood vessel growth 

 These risks can often be avoided with scrupulous disinfection care, wearing the ortho-k lenses only as directed by your doctor, and keeping your appointments for regular progress checks.

3. Ortho-K Proven To Slow Myopia Progression and Myopic Degeneration

Since the initiation of orthokeratology, numerous studies have been performed to evaluate it’s effectiveness in slowing the progression of myopia in children and in those with severe myopia.  

In patients with severe and progressive myopia from birth, significant vision loss can occur over time.  A condition known as myopic degeneration occurs after years of progressive stretching of the eye. This continual stretching can actually lead to damage in the retina over time resulting in vision loss. 

Because orthokeratology lenses prevent this ongoing progression of myopia, they may reduce future risk of vision loss. 

If you or your child has severe nearsightedness, talk to one of our doctors about the use of ortho-k lenses to prevent myopic progression and further vision loss. 

4. Orthokeratology Is Convenient

Using ortho-k lenses is very convenient. 

Imagine never having to worry about remembering your glasses when you leave the house.  Imagine being able to hike, swim, ride a bike, or any other daily activity without the need for daily contacts or glasses.  Imagine being able to purchase sunglasses without a prescription and having multiple pairs.  All of this is possible with orthokeratology.

Additionally, you can still see while wearing your ortho-k lenses at night so you will be able to read in bed or watch television before falling asleep. 

5. Ortho-K Corrective Lenses Will Change Your Life 

As you can see, Ortho-K corrective lenses, or Corneal Refractive Therapy, can truly be life changing for you.  

If you or your child are severely myopic, you know that daily life can be challenging.  Children often find glasses to be a hindrance in school and sport.  While daily contacts are a better option than glasses, the ability to play sports or see the board in school without any need for vision correction can be tremendously freeing for a young person.  

Of course, more important than convenience is the preservation of sight.  For some patients, especially children, the risk of long term vision loss from myopic degeneration is real.  Orthokeratology offers an alternative to glasses and daily wear contact lenses with the added benefit of decreased progression of myopia. 

Our doctors and staff would love to speak with you further about Corneal Refractive Therapy and the use Ortho-K lenses for vision correction for you or your children.  Why not make an appointment right now to discuss orthokeratology. 

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