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Made In The USA Sunglasses You Are Going to Love

Made in the USA Sunglasses

Are you looking for made in the USA sunglasses to fit your unique style? Look no further!

That means we have the largest selection of truly made in the USA sunglasses in the entire Tri-Cities region!

Check out these Made in the USA Sunglass manufacturers you should definitely consider before purchasing you next pair of sunglasses.

What Sunglasses are Made in the USA?

Before we talk about the specific made in the USA sunglass brands available at Destination Eyecare, let’s go over some myths about the label “made in the USA” when it comes to eyewear manufacturers.

It’s no secret that the Made in the USA label is becoming more important to American shoppers, and large brands and corporations know that.

If you’ve ever tried to purchase any product that is made in the USA you know how hard it is to determine if the item is truly manufactured in the USA.

Often times large corporations purchase brands previously manufactured in the USA and relocate the manufacture of the frames outside of the US.

These large corporations benefit from the average consumer being unaware that their favorite brands are no longer made in the USA.

When we set out to find the best truly made in the USA sunglasses, we had to spend a considerable amount of time researching brands and manufacturers.

We took time to contact each brand over the phone and spoke with the designers or CEO’s before deciding on the brands we chose to offer.

After a considerable amount of research and discussion, we chose the following made in the USA sunglass brands and we know you are going to love them.

American Optical

You can’t get more original than the original American made eyewear. American Optical has been making glasses in America since before the invention of the automobile.

American Optical

While they are proud of the sunglasses they’ve made for NASA, Presidents, and pilots, they are committed to bringing quality American made sunglasses to every American.

Stop By Our Optical Today get your very own American Optical Sunglasses.

Randolph Engineering, Inc.

Independent, authentic American eyewear since 1973.
Designed and handcrafted in Randolph, MA.

We are excited to offer Randolph sunglasses at Destination Eyecare.

randolph eyewear

In 1973 two immigrants to America, navigator Jan Waszkiewicz and machinist Stanley Zaleski, joined forces and dreams to start the Randolph Engineering company and design the world’s best sunglass.

With their engineering background and an extremely tough customer, the US Department of Defense, they certainly had their work cut out for them.

For more than 40 years, they’ve successfully supplied the US military with the best Aviator sunglasses available.

Now, you, can enjoy the same quality as well as new styles and designs as they have expanded to the retail market over the years.

Kala Eyewear- Handmade in the USA

kala eyewear

If you love unique sunglasses, you have to stop in and try on a pair of Kala Sunglasses.

Kala sunglasses are handcrafted in the US of the best premium acetate materials.

Known for their perfectly round frames, Kala is as unique and stylish as you want to be.

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