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How Much Do neurolens® Cost?

How Much Do Neurolens® Cost?

One of the most commonly asked questions about neurolens® is, “How much are my neurolenses® going to cost?” Before we answer that question, let me ask you this. “How much is not trying neurolens® going to cost you?”

How much is pain relief worth? It’s hard to put a price tag on your daily comfort. Perhaps you have just accepted chronic daily headaches, a sore stiff neck, and blurry vision as part of the side effects of your digitally dependent daily life.

We understand that it’s important for you to know the neurolens® price in order to make an informed decision about whether it’s the right course of treatment for your chronic daily headaches, neck pain, and eye strain. In this article, we want to help you understand more about the cost of neurolens® compared to the cost of not using neurolens® for your symptom relief.

neurolens® Design and Options

Before we discuss the neurolens® price, let’s talk about the various lens designs and add-on options available for neurolens®.

neurolenses® are available in single vision, computer, and progressive designs. 

All designs of neurolens® are ultra premium materials and glare free.

You may also add Transitions to your neurolens® as an option.

We also recommend that you add the blue-light filter to your neurolens® in order to protect your eyes from the harmful blue-light emitted by digital devices. Blue-light filters block nearly 93% of blue-light and can easily be incorporated into neurolens® .  

What if I’m Not Satisfied With My neurolens® ?

The beauty of neurolens® is their guarantee! 

neurolens® have a 100% satisfaction guarantee!!

neurolens® guarantees you will experience significant reductions in your symptoms or you get your money back. No medical treatment can promise complete resolution of all symptoms, but 93% of patients reported symptom relief after wearing neurolens®

If you are one of the 7% of patients that don’t experience relief from your symptoms, the lens cost is 100% refunded to you.

What Is The Cost of NOT Purchasing neurolens®?

Everything has a cost. If you suffer from daily headaches, chronic neck pain, and eye fatigue, then you know all about cost.

The cost to find relief for your symptoms may be much higher than you realize over time. With prescription copays on the rise and the need for continued treatments at the chiropractor or massage therapist, the annual costs to seek relief of symptoms can quickly add up.

headache and neurolens

If neurolens® works for you, your long-term monthly savings may far out weigh the cost of your lenses.

In addition, if neurolens® provides complete elimination of your symptoms, then you will likely agree that they are worth the price and more effective than the treatment methods you continually need now.

pain free with neurolens

Are neurolens® Covered by Insurance?

neurolenses® are not covered by vision or medical insurances at this time. 

You may, however, still use any frame benefit available on your vision plan toward the cost of your eyeglass frames when purchasing your neurolens®.

The cost of neurolens® starts at $650 for single vision and $850 for progressive bifocal lenses excluding any add ons. Transitions, for example, would add an additional $100 to the overall cost of your neurolens® .

We hope this answers all of your question with regard to neurolens® pricing and availability. Don’t hesitate to contact our office with any additional questions you may have about neurolens® and be sure to read our other resources listed below.

neurolens® Additional Resources

Schedule an appointment to discuss whether neurolens® is an option for you. Don’t suffer with chronic headaches and neck pain another day!

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